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Note: I work on OS10. Perhaps some things change already been implemented in 11. 

I have a light RSI issue and am trying to prevent from worsening it. Since I use Outsystems more and more I notice that Outsystems is heavy on the mouse. I would therefor like to suggest more keyboard shortcuts that we can use and release my wrist from unneeded mouse movements and quicken my development time (and this for everyone else a benefit also!)

Some examples;

- When selecting the Assign tool I would like to use 1 shortcut open the variable selector (sug: ctrl-shift-V) (and be able to use this with the keyboard) and another to open the Expression editor (sug: ctrl-alt-E)

- When using the RunJavaScript component I want to open the script editor with a shortcut (sug: ctrl-alt-E)

- When using the IF tool I want to select the condition with a shortcut (sug: ctrl-shift-V) 

- I like to be able to move between logic components via the mouse (sug: change the movement to ctrl-arrows. Move between logics with the plain arrow keys)

- I like to be able to change the order of the logics with the arrow keys (sug: ctrl-alt-arrows)

- I like to change the boolean field in the property windows just like the yes/no field. Pressing only the T or the F while having focus on the correct screen will result in the correct boolean value. 

- I like to move between property fields with the arrow keys and open underlying pop-ups (variable selection, expression window) with shortcuts (ctrl-shift-v(alue) for instance)

And I could think of a whole lot more. Take a peek at VS Code and notice you can do almost anything with the keyboard alone. This should also be the case for Service Studio.

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Hey Vincent,

Thanks a lot for your idea!

We've recently added a lot of Shorcut keys to the product (you can find them here) but we know we can still improve the way the product is used just with a keyboard. Currently we don't have plans in the short term to improve this but I'll keep the idea to be re-considered in the future.

Keep the ideas coming