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It would be helpful, and prevent a copy and paste each time a text element is converted to an expression, to have the text value copied to the Value property of the expression, and not just to the Example property as is currently happening.

Created on 11 Jan
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Hi Hanno, I think the nature of expression is to have something dynamic there, not just plain text. I assume clearing of the input is done on purpose. 

Roman, I wouldn't count on it being on purpose :)

Kilian, possible, but for my cases, an existing behavior worked just fine. 

Perhaps a compromise: keep the text, but select it, so that you can overwrite it immediately? :)

Yep, it sounds great actually, agree. 

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Hi Hanno,

Great idea. In fact Roman is right, this was done on purpose, a long time ago, but Kilian suggestion might just work. We'll change the status of this issue so we can keep an eye on it.

Tiago Simões

Thanks, Tiago. I agree with Killian's suggestion as well!