Have the ability to separate the platform Catalog and the Users

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Hello everyone,

Imagine the following scenario:

2 evironments: PRD, QA.

Each of them have 2 catalogs, Outsystems (where the platform data is) and OutsystemsApps (where the apps data is).

I do a monthly backup/restore operation from PRD to QA, in order to maintain the QA environment as up to date as possible to facilitate testing.

Now, here is the issue.
If I restore both catalogs, I can get all the data in sync (users, tenants, app data, etc...) but I loose all my QA configuration (site properties, webservice endpoints, email, IPs, etc...), in other words, all the configuration that is done in Service Center (and that is a lot).
If I restore just the OutsystemsApps catalog, then I don't loose the QA configuration, but the users, tenants, etc..., become out of sync. This is specially problematic, in multi-tenant applications.

Since I don't know all of the platform database model I can't write a specific text on which tables to separate, but the general idea is being able to get the Users and Tenants (and any other table you see fit) on a different catalog, so we can have the best of both worlds when we restore from PRD to QA.

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Hi Gonçalo,

Thanks for sharing your idea. That is something that is definitely in "our radar" in order to evaluate the need.

Just to clarify, the outcome that you want to achieve with this idea (no matter what solution do we find for it) is to easily bring data from PRD to QA to improve that reliability of the tests done at QA stage.

Is this statement correct?


Hello Tiago,

I'd say, the best description of the idea is "to easily bring all the data from PRD to QA to improve the reliability of the tests done at QA stage, without having to manipulate entity IDs after the restore".