Show application title when publishing application form Service Center

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This happens a lot to me! Picture this scenario:

- I open service center from your browser;
- I open three applications into three different browser tabs;
- in tab 1, I click 'Publish' to publish one application pack;
- in tab 2,  I click to 'Publish' to publish another application pack;
- in tab 3... oh my, I'm not sure if I opened twice the same application and, therefore, I'm not sure if this application is being already published.
- I try to check in tab1 and tab2 what is the application I am publishing. I try to look for the application name but,... I can't find it! Where is it?

Only when I read the publish report I may be able to identify the application from its modules/eSpaces compiled. But it's not immediate perception.

I believe this is just an usability issue. I suggest adding the name of the application pack in the top of the report after the title, something like

"Publish Application Pack - <MyApplicationBeingPublished>"

Created on 15 Jan
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