Add "Sort by Id" by default when "Viewing Data" in development mode

Aggregates & Queries

When viewing data in a table add a default sort so that the last entries appear first.

I believe most of the times the developers want to see the last inserted items in an entity.

At least, when I do "View Data" I always end up adding the sort...

Edit: It could be an option in Service Studio.

Created on 15 Jan
Comments (2)

Nice idea João! I always change the sort every time I try to view data!

Great idea João, I do the same thing. It's a repetitive annoyance.

Also, I would like to see that just viewing data (without changing filter, sort or test values) does not lead to Service Studio marking the module as changed.

Now, when you just view data and close the module, Service Studio will ask if you want to save your changes, even if you made none. Sometimes, when I'm not sure if I did change something, I'll just save the module, but that leads to unnecessary versions (and even unnecessary outdated references) if nothing was changed. Worse, if I think I just viewed some data, but forgot I did make some changes, and then click don't save, I will loose changes.