disable the whole server action

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Hi Team,

Need option to disable the server action for future references.


Created on 16 Jan
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Why would you want to disable a function for future reference? You can delete it and get it back from the versioning, you can save the oml, you have dozens of ways of keeping the code!

And why disabled? You can just leave it there, comment it, make it private and not use it.

Besides, dead code is bad code, I even dislike the code disabling feature of Outsystems because it invites the developer at leaving dead code everywhere. Leaving obsolete code on the app is a very bad practice because it won't help anyone, it will just create entropy and confusion.

Anyway, in short: dead code is bad code. Don't do it.

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Not right now


Currently we don't have plans to do this (there is a simple workaround of just selecting everything and disabling all the flow). i'll keep the idea to be re-considered in the future.