Refresh Button for manually refreshing after installing forge component or after login to service studio

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Hi everyone,

According to my experience, there should be a refresh button, which can be used if we are unable to see the applications after logging to service studio or after installing any forge component.

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Created on 16 Jan
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Hey Amreen,

Why do you need to refresh the Applications List? It automatically refreshes after installing new applications (e.g. Forge).


Sometimes after logging to service studio or installing the new apps, I have experienced that it is not getting a refresh. Even my team members also. The solution for this was logging out and again logging in to it.

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Not right now

Hey Amreen,

First of all thanks for your idea!

I understand your scenario and, although I don't agree with a refresh button, it would definitely makes sense to have the application list to be refreshed when a new application is installed/removed/etc from the enviroment.

Despite this, and since this is not that often, currently we don't have plans to do this in the short term but I'll keep the idea to be re-considered in the future.

Thanks for your idea and keep them coming!