When you drag multiple elements into an action flow, it should integrate them automatically

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Just like when you drag one element into a flow and it is automatically aggregated, when you drag multiple elements it should work the same way - instead of having to delete the current connection and connect it again.

It would only saves us a couple of seconds, but would still be cool!

Created on 16 Jan
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Totally agree! At least when you drag 2 or 3 elements...

Also agree

Yep. I'd be nice and I think I've already seen similar ideas. 

I’d like to see this one in play too!

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Hey João,

Thanks for your idea!

Was just about to suggest this but found you'd already done it.

But I wanted to say for the record, I'd like to be able to add as many elements as I want, not just 2 or 3 as someone suggested.