'Manage Dependencies' window already with the filter populated with the module name.

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The idea is to right click on a reference and choose 'Manage Dependencies', open the 'Manage Dependencies' window already with the filter filled with the module name. We would have a big gain in performance.

Created on 21 Jan
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On our radar


This is a very useful feature, indeed. We don't have plans to immediately add it so we'll consider the idea for later and keep an eye for the community feedback.


I was actually making some print screens to post this idea also. 

A lot of times I click on the eSpace to manage dependencies with the expectation of having the filter already there but unfortunately, it's not implemented yet.

Hey Harlem,

When this happens, the list is not filtered but the right module is already selected right?


This feature will be very helpful and will save a lot of time

Today I installed the version 10.0.1008.0 and it's already working there!