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In order to better help other community members in finding solutions to their problems, I would like Outsystems to remind forum posters to either reply or mark answer as solution to their posts.

I come across a lot of posts that are unanswered by their poster while they seem to have potential solution answers posted.

Created on 22 Jan 2019
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HI Nordin,

currently, all the posters receive an email notification with the community users answers. Did you receive them? it is configurable here:

Also, all the answers have a Mark it as Resolved link.

Hi Ana,

Thanks for the reply.

I know about the notifications and I do receive them.

What I think is missing is a notification to let the poster know that there have been several replies to his/her post and that the poster either hasn' t replied yet or hasn't marked an answer as solution yet. 

We need to remind the original poster to let the community know about the progress and if he/she found a solution to the problem. If not, after a certain period of reminders, the moderators can close the topic.


I'd be cautious about the number and frequency of reminders, as they can quickly be seen as spam and any emails from the community simply be discarded as irrelevant.

I do like the idea, but it needs to be "controlled":

  • reminders should only be sent after other users' activity with no reaction from the poster;
  • the system waits for a acceptable amount of time without any reaction before sending the first reminder (users typically receive emails of each answer to the topics they take part in) ;
  • this behaviour is reset every time the OP posts to the topic;
  • just a few reminders (between one and an arbitrary three) spaced out with enough time they are not seen as spam.

Fantastic idea as at the moment it is unclear as to whether a post has been resolved or not or has just had others replying to it asking for more information.