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Hi all,

It would be very usefull to have a built-in function that returns a boolean indicating if the platform considers a user to be logged in.


Function IsUserLoggedIn (UserId): boolean
Created on 27 Jan 2011
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I noticed an issue to where the top of the screen said the person was Person A, but then when they tried to do something it said they were Person B and couldn't.  It would also be good to verify that the person is who they say they are and not just logged in.
And also a complementary function to retrieve the logged user role.
Hi Laurentiu,

I believe that Enterprise Manager already has a public action that retrieves a user role.
Hi to all,

Sorry if I'm dumb but I'm very new to all this software. So I miss much information about it.
When I mean to a function to retrieve roles, I think to the Service Studio that is relevant for me, and special to USER_MASTER entity that I suppose to be the application user entity.
Yoy know, I have an User entity, and let supose in the application scenrio, for example some users are admins, others are sales representattives, other are I don't know, brand managers, other are region managers and so on.
So I have ro retrieve various information filtered by user ID (e.g. each sales representative see only his orders), and also I need role information for logged in user for allowing to acces or not some pages (eg. sales represenatives have not to acces I don't know the entry order page; this is accesed for example by shops, but have to acces order reports).
This is scenario that I have in mind.
We have ran across simliar security issues since we have sensitive data that can't be exposed to all users.  Our solution is to setup a group - role architecture and connecting it to our Active Directory groups.  Then we create a view on SQL Server based on an entity (Imported through Integration Studio) and user so that we can apply the filter when a user accesses the page to filter out the data he can't see.
I don't know if this idea was completly understood.
I'm just asking for a built-in function that allows us to check if a user is logged in. This function should use the session database, like the platform did when checking for cuncurrent users.

I think this is the best way.