In Debugger, Step through Each row in Assignment


In the Assignment node below:

I'd like to know what InstallmentDueDate is equal to after I add a month to it, then again after I move it to the last day of the month.

I can't do this right now because the debugger steps over the entire node in one click of the Continue (F9) button.

Created on 23 Jan
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Interesting, I had the same kind of issue, but in one assignment row. Currently, if we want to debug this we need to separate things into multiple assignment statements. I'm not sure what would be the best way of handling it, but I definitely would like debugging to be more flexible with the assigns.

Yes Roman, you're right. Imagine an IF statement with math in it like this:

if(xyz+abc > 0, AddMonths(thedate,xyz),AddMonths(thedate,abc))

In this case, I think step over should step over the node, step into, should evaluate and debug each formula.

Yep, that would be really convenient. Each time I have to redeploy a big eSpace because of this, I think about it. 

Hello PJ,

It's already possible to perform such steps, using the Step Into command (or F11).

I've replicated your scenario and these are the various stages when performing the command on that Assign Node:


First Step Into:

Second Step Into:

Is this the behavior you were expecting?


Indeed, I was going to write that before seeing Helder's answer. With Step Into this is possible. Mmm, gives me an idea for a new Idea...

EDIT: here it is. Please vote :)