Popup could start to receive a Record or RecordList

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Popup could start to receive a Record or RecordList, this would prevent it from revising a new query, but reuse the data that has already been retrieved in the popup call screen previously.

Created on 23 Jan
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Since popup is implemented as an iframe I don't think it's possible to pass a record or a list without a database. However, Outsystems offers a js popup called 'modal' as well, so you don't even have to pass anything there because it's in the scope of your current screen. 

Yes, I know the modal and I even use it in some applications. However, this issue of passing a Record or RecordList to a popup would be very useful, it would prevent you from doing 2 heavy queries, that is, it would fetch your data previously, and when you open the popup, it would send your information that has already been uploaded to there, so you would not read another query in the popup, and yes, it would only display the information. It was just an idea!

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Hi Bernardo,

You can reuse the same Aggregate do display the date inside the Modal UI pattern without the need to do another one or having to pass a record list into the Popup, since the Modal is a local block used in the same screen with a placeholder for content.

Thanks for the idea and keep them coming :)