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I'm upgrading an on-premise installation form V10 to V11.

I took the following parameters in the checklist:

A bit further, it states to open the configuration tool on the FE and apply and exit.

I'm missing the step of importing the hsconf from the deployment controller on the front-end.

When using the checklist for a "first install" it is indicated:

During an upgrade, it might also be necessary to copy the configuration.

In this case (V10 to V11), RabbitMQ was added to the configuration tool so the config needs to be loaded on the upgraded FE server.

I'd suggest to improve the checklist a bit to make it more clear.

Created on 27 Jan
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2019

Hi Kurt!

Thanks for point this out. Normally, in terms of configurations, there are no changes that make you modify or add something to what you have already configured in Configuration Tool. However, during O11 there was an infrastructural change to the invalidation cache mechanism that required an extra confirmation, in this case for the RabbitMQ.

We will follow up with this and let you know when the checklist change.

Thank you for mention this out and continue those ideas coming.

My remark was indeed in light of the RabbitMQ that was added. But a special case but it's an important step to have everything aligned.