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Greetings Folks,

Not aware about the main reason of Outsystems to restrict user from using List or Records type variable as an Input between Screens.

But it would be much feasible for Mobile developers to use at-least List-type variable as an Input, Instead of passing & playing with bunch of Input-Var across Screens.

An existing scenario where I felt a need was with Bottom-Bar & its associated screens, where I have to Forward & Receive bunch of param's.

I know I can use Aggregate & read accordingly but going for an Aggregate is quite tedious as compare to playing with Input var.

Also using Shared-Preferences is an another alternate for me to counter this, But I don't want to go right now by that approach!!!

Even we have this kind of support in Native World, where in Android we use Bundle Class & in iOS we use  NSArray to pass a List/Array type data across Screens.

Thanks : )

Created on 28 Jan 2019
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I think it'd be a good feature, I was also struggling with reusing the same data in multiple screens. Ended up using local storage for that, however the implementing takes a bit more effort than just passing an input param. 

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Great idea, to implement this will overcome the complication to pass many input variables. Also there should be a list to pass as well like passing variables.