LifeTime - Display full staging history


By default, LifeTime should allow for an easy way to see the staging/deployment history for all managed environments, along with timestamps, users who performed them, etc.

There are some Forge components that implement this, but it feels like this should be a built-in feature.

Created on 30 Jan
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Hi Carlos,

As you already wrote there are plugins that implement the functionality, like the Stagings component, and it does it in a very nice way. I think it fully utilizes the dependability of OutSystems, that you can use the LifeTime SDK and LifeTime API's to implement anything not available "out-of-the-box".

It is up to the community to use the tooling that OutSystems provides and develop amazing LifeTime plugins.

Recently I have implemented the Automatic Deployment LifeTime Plugin. It did what it need to do and was easy to implement.

Wasn't 100% enthusiastic about the way I could add applications to a configuration, so asked the component builder if I could join the team and implement the changes.

This way, don't have to wait to long to get the functionality you need, and by joining a component team contribute to the community with additional or improved functionality.

To recap, I think it is great we can Extend LifeTime ourselves and customize it to our needs.