Record Version Tag Stamp of Published Application Version

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It would be great if it were possible to see which application version was published for which version tag in service center. 

The image below illustrates my idea. 

Created on 1 Feb
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Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for sharing your idea!

Are you mentioning the tag done in LifeTime?


Hi João, 

Thanks for the response. 

Yes, I am referring to the tag in LifeTime. 

Hi again, 

I see... Why do you feel this need? Can you give us some examples of situations where this will help you?

Thank you

Hi João,

This will be particularly useful when faced with a critical bug in an application which is currently running in Production. I might be busy developing other features for that app in Development which I might not yet want to push to Production.

It would be great if we can tag the current Development version which is still in progress with a intermediary tag, then deploy the previous version of the module which corresponds to the tagged version which currently sits in Production. The fix can then be added to that version, redeployed with a new hotfix tag and then pushed through to Test and Production.

The previous in progress tag can then be redeployed to Development and continue the natural path to Production. 

I hope that makes sense.