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The x,y icon (see #1 in image below) suggests that the expression editor is opened. Instead (if applicable for the variable) the item picker is opened. Some may experience this as somewhat confusing.

When opening the dropdown (see #2 in image below), you can choose to open either the expression editor (this time the x,y icon suggests is properly), or the item picker.

It would be nice if the difference between the expression editor and item picker get a little bit more straightforward. As a possible solution, I would like to suggest a toggle in the item picker / expression editor (for assigns where the item picker is available). This functionality would be similar to the option to toggle between the Properties / Styles Editor for widgets (see image below).

Toggle between Properties / Styles Editor:

Created on 1 Feb
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I had to google this idea because I didn't know how to open the expression editor, I was indeed searching for a toggle in the editor itself. So I think this is a great idea!

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Hey Sam,

This is actually a bug and the default operation should be consistent with the icon.

We will take a look at this,

Thanks for reporting it.