Add OutSystems exam certificates to LinkedIn


The idea is to make OutSystems certificates LinkedIn compatible...

With Official IDs and URLs so that they can be acknowledged and validated in LinkedIn profiles.


- More Outsystems exposure in professional circles

- Easier for companies to find relevant qualified professionals

Created on 2 Feb
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Hi André

can you explain better your idea?

currently, in your profile, you have an option to add the certification to your LinkedIn profile:

Linkedin doesn't allow us to full-field this info automatically: 

Hi Ana, thanks for the link I did not know how to find that link and we had the option of making it public. I guess I was hoping for a pre-populated option (auto-fill) - I used it in the past with another course provider) - but as you said and I just found out it used to be possible but not anymore... which is a shame.

However, let me explain the challenge I faced trying to populate my certificate (without knowing about that OS profile section) and some other suggestions to help this process:

  1. The name of Outsystems certifications were not identified in the dropdown, I am sure there is a way for Outsystems certificates to be recognised in LinkedIn. Should the name reflect the Platform for the certificate? 
  2. What is the license Number, in mine it asks for Certification ID (I assume it is the same thing)? Probably does not matter...
  3. I assume there is no expiration?
  4. Certification URL?
    I guess this is the Link to the download button (if the certificate is set to public).

Maybe a how-to post will help future users...