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Add support for string formatting in Expressions like python code.

In Outsystems we have something like this:

"My name is " + Name +" and I'm from  "+City

My ideia is to implemenmt something like this:

"My name is %s and I'm from %s " % (Name, City)

Created on 4 Feb (3 weeks ago)
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It could be amazing the use of patterns like string interpolation as .NET and other languages 

$"My name is {Name} and I'm from {City}"  Much cleaner and without counting number of tokens in big string formattings.

or C# pattern for string.format("My name is {0} and I'm from {1} ", Name, City)


Agree with Marcio. I'd work great in current web javascript editor. Having all that concatenations is really annoying.  I prefer $"My name is {Name} and I'm from {City}"

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I don't agree with this, the idea is a low-code platform. 

Creating a new formatting function instead of simply write the sentence in the way you need, doesn't help in anything, don't see any advantage.