Reference Hierarchy for any object in Service Studio


Hi similar to find usage, can we also have something to see the reference hierarchy of any object. Similar to what is present in other IDEs like eclipse.

Created on 5 Feb
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Hey Antu,

Not sure if I got your idea. What do you mean by reference hierarchy? Do we have hierarchy on find usages?

If you can provide a screenshot or drawing that might help.


I can see the usage for what Antu is asking:

1) graphical representation of usage of a server actions within a module.

2) graphical representation of component decomposition of a screen (screen has   x  number of webblocks and a webblock in itself can have multiple webblocks again. A graphical representation of this composition would be very useful. This could be an additional feature for the UI Flow, which currently shows only links between screens and entry points. The webblocks float a bit on the UI flow canvas without purpose.



Find Usage only shows you all direct callers of the selected server action/ screen/ web block/ entities/ resources. "Call hierarchy/ Reference hierarchy" in contrast shows also the callers of those direct callers, and the callers of those and so on. So it shows the whole hierarchy.

 please check the image from very popular eclipse IDE

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