Allow team member to remove (version under development)

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I would like as a team member of a forge component to be able to delete (or hide) a version of the component in the forge.

Currently when making a mistake somewhere in the process of publishing a new version, the version cannot be removed and you have to add a newer version.

I would like to remove or replace the incorrect version.

At least this should be possible if not yet downloaded by someone.

Created on 5 Feb
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Hi Daniel

we are aware that currently it is not possible to discard a new version draft and it should. In this case, you will be able to abort the process. It is the feature that you are looking for?


Ana Sequeira

Hi Ana,

Yes I would like to abort the process.

For example what happened to me:

1. uploaded new version of a component

2. downloaded it in another account to see if it worked, and got a problem with a dependency.

3. now i want to disallow other community members to download and run into the same problem.

4. ideally i can replace the existing (incorrect) draft version with a a new upload that fixes the problem, to avoid one or more draft versions that are not correct. As now I have to edit them and tell people the draft has errors.



I like this idea, but is the current option of setting a version as discontinued not sufficient?