(Auto-)open a list of incompatible consumers after a breaking change of an eSpace


When doing a breaking change of an eSpace, OutSystems lists the eSpaces that are 'broken', you now have seach the eSpaces, open them, check and  republish them and that can be a lot of work. Also it's easy to forget one of the broken eSpaces. 

Idea : If there are broken eSpaces give a warning message with the option to open all the broken eSpaces, thus it's impossible to forget and it is a lot quicker to solve the problems.

Created on 7 Feb
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How about a button to auto publish all incompatible consumers and open the ones that require some extra attention?

For me, most of the time nothing breaks and I just have to refresh the dependencies.

Agree, that would be nice also. Only in big environments you keep having deploys in that case .. 

But a bit more help would be nice, even if only a double click on the message line or a left click with some options would be helpfull.. 



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This has already been done in 11. You just double click that message and it opens the consumer espace that needs to be updated.

In terms of Joey's idea, this has been suggested... many times already.


Agree, I created a similar idea some time ago. I would rather have an auto-publish  button like Joey suggested, however, opening consumers helps as well.