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It would be helpful to get the entity name by having some built in function like getespaceID() and geteSpaceName(). This might help to know which entity got updated, without having to hardcode the information , wherever it is needed.

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Created on 7 Feb
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I don't understand, how/where would code be running in response to an Entity getting updated, where you do not know what entity was updated?


Hi Justin, 

Generally in a simple scenario , where I'm updating a specific table may be Movies table, I will send a feedback message saying "Movies Table updated successfully with the data". For this I will be hard coding the information in the feedback message type.

 Considering a scenario, where a single action triggers an update on multiple tables. For me to know if all the child actions got executed properly and if the informtion got updated on all the entities defined in the flow, I have to either hard code it at all the stages fedd back messages or I have to pass it as input to another table which saves this data. In either case, I have to manually define the entity name wherever it is configured. 

My intention is, to get that entity name on the fly, so that these hard codes can be avoided.



Priya -

I see what you are saying. It *sounds* like you need to be writing some CRUD wrappers, which will be a huge help for many reasons.