Drop items directly to the "Object Navigation" bar.

By Rafael Pereira on 8 Feb 2011
It would be nice to have the possibility of drop items from the left "widget" bar directly to
some specific point of the "object navigation" bar (I really dont know the correct name).

In complex layouts sometimes it's hard to drop tables, expressions or if's to the expected point on canvas, especialy when it's necessary to drop something before or after a DIV or TABLE. 

Rafael Pereira
Philip Prescott13 May 2013
If you are editing a page, you can actually show the whole layout tree by clicking on the '<>' button in the very top right corner of the  layout pane. It is hidden, and many people dont know it exists, but allows for much more accurate placement of elements. 
Philip Prescott13 May 2013
Arlindo Lima19 Jul 2013
As Philip said, you can drop widgets in the Widget Tree.

Idea implemented!