Improve the ideas screen filters usability

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It would be nice if I can filter ideas by any combination include/exclude.

If the filters were checkboxes I could check/uncheck the the ones I not interested in, like the "Implemented" ones and reduce the results when searching for similar ideas.

If deciding for use checkboxes It'll be nice if you included a button to apply more than one selection and not make postbacks on individual clicks.


Created on 8 Feb 2019
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Nice one!

Thank you Vasco,

I'm new in community and Outsystems world and it's very nice to see you are hearing us to make it even better!

Hey Márcio,

You bet we are! 

Welcome to our community :)

I just had the same idea, nice to see somebody also had this improvement.

My explaining screenshot was more about the status filters, but is indeed for all filters.

To make the idea more nice it would helps if the number in the status would be updated when selecting a filter:

Hello Evert,

Nice that you are trying to see it better too.

After seeing your screenshots, I tested this scenarios too.

I think these kind of filters are generally to increase the restriction applied to results we want, making an "AND" filtering.

I counted the results of two filters and the result shows the combination of two or more filters applied, restricting the results.
Apparently the number showed on the side of each filter is only the count of itself results if it were applied, and not the total restriction applied with more than one of them.
In your screenshot of count error we see at the top of image that more than one filter were applied.

May someone of OS can clarify that for us to better know.