LifeTime - Reminder to fill/change new site properties after deployment


In LifeTime:

It would be nice to see a reminder (warning message) to fill/change a newly deployed site property value, after a deployment. So this would be the first time that site property gets deployed to a new environment. 

This would be especially important when the site property is getting deployed to Production for the first time.

Created on 9 Feb (13 days ago)
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Agree. Maybe even an email notification to some group. I had this problem so many times, when we forgot to change a site property or integration effective url. 

Yes Roman. I’ve also had this problem a lot of times.

As mather of fact, just last week we deployed a fairly large application to production for a client and we forgot to set a couple of site property values which caused a lot of unnecessary problems.

I think LT having this feature would have saved us the headaches!

Maybe these settings should be part of the deployment plan; now you can create a note for changing webservices, rest endpoints, site-properties and timers. 

Would be useful to add suggested values for all these settings for the next environment; that could be overwritten by the Operator that performs the publish.

I like the idea of Matthias,  a warning is nice, but what really is needed is the option to configured all this in your deployment plan, and that during deployment LifeTime will configure the settings in the target environment.

This makes even more sense if your organisation uses for example Jenkins for kicking of deployments in OutSystems.