Don't auto refresh aggregate preview when writing a comment

Aggregates & Queries

I see that the aggregate is always refreshing it's preview when i'm writing a comment in a filter condition.

Since i'm an extremely fast writer, I can see some delay  and it looks "overwork" from the platform when nothing will change.

Maybe you can make it to not refresh when I write something considered a comment ( after "//" or between "/* */" )

Created on 11 Feb
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Changed the category to Aggregates & Queries

I didn't even know there are comments in the aggregates :) Agree it shouldn't fire the search 

Under user preferences you can turn it off

The thing is, I want to keep the Auto-Refresh on. Just don't see the point of doing auto-refresh when writing a comment in a certain condition. If it's a complex aggregate, it get's slow when writing.