Add Favorite Modules in Service studio

Service Studio

At the left side of Servicestudio there is a Recent Modules list. 

Is it possible to create also a favorites Modules list and also the possibility to mark apps as favorite.  

Created on 11 Feb
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Something like the Pin to Start in Windows; Pin Application or Module to Favorites.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor windows pin to start

I think something went wrong, I wrote a comment, but it's gone.... (Or I cannot see it)
No I mean a favorite Modules list, where you can add/pin modules that you are working on at the moment for quick navigation. We work in a lot of diifferent application (also testing eachothers apps)at the same time (sprint), so the recent modules list is not working in this case. If you can deside to pin some modules to a favorites list, it reduces a lot of time / clicks  at our side. 

I think folders would work even nicer..