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Preciso de uma ajuda para desenvolver uma ordem de serviço para uma loja de autopeças. Se alguém poder me ajudar, agradeço desde já...

Created on 12 Feb
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Order of Service

I need some help developing a work order for an auto parts store. If anyone can help me, thank you right away ...

Sorry, this is not an item for the Idea Section

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Matthias Preuter

Changed the category to Community Forge and the status to

Out of the scope

Hi Filipe, the scope of this idea is very vague so that I will mark it as "Out of scope right now." If you need help on how to start my suggestion is you start with the data model with the main entities that you are going to need and ask other members opinion through forums. Also, I recommend you to do it English so that the community can help.

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