Unique ListAppend Icons for 'Client Actions' and 'Server Actions'

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While optimizing a mobile application, I decided to move code that filled a list from a REST call from the Initialize Action to a Server Action. I cut and pasted the ListAppend node from the client action to a new server action. The code published and executed fine, with no errors or warnings. Only the list would never populate! Then I remembered that Server Actions and Client Actions have their own unique ListAppend actions... with the same exact icon. 

I think it would be good if (1) the icons were unique, (2) an error is displayed preventing you from publishing, or (3) an exception is thrown when the append fails.

Created on 13 Feb
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Are they the same?

Client actions have only orange borders and white background, Server actions are have orange background or not?

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Hello Daryl,

As Daniel referred there are already 2 different icons to distinguish client and server actions.

Not sure if I got the suggestion here. I will mark the idea as "Out of scope" for now.


Two things, I was sure that there were client and server ‘List’ actions with the same icon. However, the main problem was that it allowed me to place a server ‘List’ action within a client action. No error or warnings. It just didn’t work. Very difficult to track down.

Hey Daryl,

If that really hapenned it is a bug and please submit it so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

You should be able to use Server list actions in client action and vice versa.