Solution publish should fail early

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When there is an error, like missing reference, at the beginning of solution publish - it still continues to go for half an hour or more, and only after "Gathering dependencies..." stage it fails with a message like "The deployment was aborted due to errors. No applications or modules were deployed".

This is really really really frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry, especially when you have noticed the error and fixed it, but you still have to wait for half an hour because there is no way to stop solution publish.

Why would it not stop immediately after the fatal error has occurred? Or at least show  that "continue/abort" confirmation, immediately.

Isn't this rule #2 from The Book?

Created on 14 Feb
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Exactly what I was also looking for in OutSystems too.
But currently not available.

After waiting much more then expected(for our scenario, its more than 4-5 hours), it simply says, "Deployment Aborted. No modules or applications were deployed"

This is not expected from OutSystems(such a great tool).

it will be great if such issues are resolved and available as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Palak Patel