Master Class on Modeling Business Processes (BPT) problems with starting 'Hands-on-challenge'


As this course is built in an older OutSystems version there are some differences which can be overcome but following the instructions to the letter before starting the challenge can result in unknown errors. Debugging this can be very frustrating and time consuming. For Instance I get a error message that ActivityId #0 is not  available. This is strange because nowhere in the course there is a mention that the ActivityId is not automatically available. I went back to the start of the course and retraced my steps and checked everything. After a 1-hour search I still cannot find the fault. This is frustrating because now I can do two things: skip the challenge which would render the course less effective or search until hell freezes over. It would be nice if you can start the challenge by downloading the application so that you can either search for the problem in your own version or crack on with the challenge.

Created on 14 Feb
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Not sure if you figured this out or not.  I was getting the same issue and I think it was related to cache.  I also found I had two web sessions of the app open.