Keyboard shortcut to "Remove Unused Dependencies" ("Remove Unused References")

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Hello everyone!

One of the operations that I always do before I publish a module (espace) is to "Remove Unused Dependencies" ("Remove Unused References").

The quickest way to do this, that I know of,  is through quick access to the menu "Module > Remove Unused Dependencies" by pressing "ALT + M, N".

But because "Manage Dependencies" and "Compare and Merge with Published Version" have their own keyboard shortcuts, I think that "Remove Unused Dependencies" also deserves a keyboard shortcut.

Note: I searched the ideas for "unused references" and "unused dependencies" but did not find anything for this new idea.

--Tiago Bernardo

Created on 18 Feb
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If I just want to use the mouse, as an alternative to pressing "ALT + M, N", the quickest way is:

1) Click the "Processes" tab,

(and because this tab always has very few elements so the root element relative to the module (espace) is immediately visible);

2) Right-click the name of the module (espace), and click "Remove Unused Dependencies".

--Tiago Bernardo

Hello Tiago,

Thank you for the idea! As you might know Service Studio updated the shortcut-keys last year with the most used shortcuts. (https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Service_Studio_Shortcuts).

Do you Remove Dependencies often? I usually do it before a deploy to another environment.


Magda Pereira