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It takes time to get into the Outsystems mentality coming form the .Net background. A feature I would love to see is dynamic suggestions to simplify logic. Sometimes I just tend to put all the if else blocks and loops to just suffice to the logic I need. But surely there are better ways to do the same.

 A functionality similar to what resharper(and many other plugins)  provides in .Net where it suggests optimized loops, LINQ and conditional statements would be really helpful here I think. 

Created on 21 Feb
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You may want to check out: https://www.outsystems.com/ai/

In addition, True Change already makes a *ton* of suggestions for improvement (which are routinely ignored by most developers). That could perhaps be expanded a bit.


Hello Tushar, 

What's the difference between this idea and the "Logic simplification suggestions : similar to one Resharper provides in .Net"

As Vasco Pessanha commented we would like to see some examples of scenarios that could be simplified.

Thank you, 

Magda Pereira

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