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I know this is very ambitious and I also know that this not fits the platforms current architecure and structure, but it would be so freakin' awesome if you could test things locally without the need for a cloud (server). Publishing sometimes seems like the only thing we're doing, the waiting is annoying and most of the time takes just a few seconds to long (bad UX). Just saying but hope the day will come the we can run (maybe stripped versions) locally.

Created on 21 Feb
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 Are you talking about something like you can do with .net (install IIS and SQL Server in your machine an run it in local host) ?

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Hi Jasper,

Although what you are asking for it might be a different thing, do you know/ever used the Personal Area?
Maybe it can help you with some of those use cases.

"The Personal Area

Each developer has an associated Personal Area which he can use to test web application module changes without compromising the developments made by other team members in the same module.

When a module is executed in the Personal Area, changes made to the module are not visible to other developers that are also developing the same module (except database modifications — see below). This allows a developer to test and debug his changes privately without affecting any other developers. For example, if you change a screen and run the module, none of the developers working on this module are affected by those changes.

The only exception to this isolation is database modifications. Since the database is shared between the two areas, changing database data or schema will affect all developers, both the ones using their Personal Area and the ones using the Public Area.

A module is updated in the Personal Area through the "Run and Debug in [login_name] Personal Area" operation available in the Debugger menu. Besides updating your application in your Personal Area, this command will also attach the debugger to both your Personal Area and the Public Area. This means that, from this moment on, you will be able to debug threads executing in both areas."

Link to documentation: