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It would be nice to be able to automatically create a site property in the expression editing window. Like when you're writing an if statement and you think it would be better to have a default value defined in a site property.

Now we have to close the expression window, go to the Data Tab, create the site property.

It could be the last option in the list of suggestions, like "Create a Site Property with this name and type". And determine its type automatically too, by the data type of the left side of the comparison, if any.

Created on 22 Feb
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It would be a very nice accelerator.

Hello João

I can accept that your suggestion could be an accelerator. But could also cause several errors. Imagine that when you type it in one expression you make a mistake .. it would create a new site propriety.


Well, in that case, YOU made a mistake... I don`t see it generating several errors...

This should also be available for local variables as well. 

Hi João, 

Thank you for your feedback! It seems less common to use a site property and then create it, than the opposite. Does it happen to you often? Do you think this only applies to site properties or also to other elements? 

Waiting for your reply, 


Well, actually, at least for me, it happens very often to have the idea of creating the Site Property when I'm writing the rule it's gonna be used in for the first time.

It would be helpfull to have this accelerator with session and local variables. Perhaps with roles as well.

It would be helpful not only with Site or Session variables and roles but also for all other properties like Local Variables and Database Entities. 

Sort of Code-First Database principal. This would greatly speed up my development as I can simply dive into the business logic and add entities as we go. Intellisense like behavior should help me with not creating duplicates or types. 

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Not right now

Hello João,

Thanks for your idea!

Although it makes sense, and actually we could apply it more generically (including site properties, session variables, even attributes), we don't have plans to tackle this in a short-term. Nevertheless, I'll keep the idea to be re-considered in the future.