Display App Name in Data Model for integrated entities


This might just be due to my lack of knowledge, but I think it would be helpful to, when integrating an entity from a different app, to display the name of the other application on the entity when that "external" entity is incorporated in the data model.

Maybe it is a different color row right under the entity title or at the bottom of the entity box.  I can see that being a helpful so I do not need to go search, especially when I need to take a screenshot of the data model.

Also, I know it would be very helpful in the sales process when talking about governance, master data management etc.  With a certain audience I will be able pull up the data model of an application and immediately point out the integrated external entity, telling the audience this table is owned and managed by a completely different area, yet fulling integrated into this data model.  This is better because of X, Y and Z.

Like I said, this might be possible already and I am just not sure how to do it.

Hopefully this makes sense.


Created on 22 Feb
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