Add ability to "Find Usage" from referenced actions, blocks, etc

Service Studio

It would be helpful to be able to do "Find Usages" from referenced web blocks, actions, etc.

1. System espaces such as Silk, Web UI can no longer be opened so you can check usage of the web blocks, actions to identify possible breaking changes before publishing.  You have to publish and then hope that nothing breaks.

2. Developers don't always know how something should be used.  Being able to find an example of how a web block is used will help them out.  This would reduce the research time to use a shared component.

Created on 26 Feb
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Hey Rebecca,

Can you please split these two topics into two different ideias (otherwise it will be harder to manage them)?

Regarding the first one, you can already use the "right-click / find usages" in reference elements, right? 


You can find usage of elements if you can open the module.  If not, for example from web blocks inside of Web Patterns, then you can't do it.  I kept them together because it would allow you to search for usage on any referenced elements besides just actions, web blocks.  These are the most used public components.  That would be a lot of ideas.