Fast access to dependencies by shortcuts in dependent modules


In large environments the dependencies take a good time for loading once it always load everything from all dependent and non-dependent modules.

It would be faster to developers if could have some shortcuts or partial loading of the dependencies such as:

- Option to refresh all used dependencies at all, without load them all and access the pop-up dependency dialog box;

- When left click over a dependency module in a espace, it could have an option to refresh just this dependency or open all public objects on it;

- Another ideia is an option to add an specific new dependency without load them all, suplying a search word or something like it;

- It would be good too if the dialog box with dependencies could load partially, for instance, load first the list of modules and when clicked over a module load its actions, entities and all kind of public objects;

- For system actions and components not in dependencies, it would be good if the general search in eSpace could find them and attach them automatically when used in the module. For instance: The List manipulation actions are widely used, but every time when published an App to production the unused dependencies are removed, later when we need to add new features and new List actions are needed or system components, every time we need to open the dependencies and attach them. This is a kind boring stuff;

- As well, when not used a system action or component, in every publish, remove automatically them from dependency once the search when necessary will find them.

Created on 3 Mar
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