Hide Service Studio application popup hints when mousing over an application in the foreground

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These are handy, but they seem to pop up regardless of whether Service Studio is in the foreground.

This is it popping up in Teams:

Interestingly, the popup pops up depending on the foreground app's coordinates. I haven't quite figured it out... the further left over Service Studio it is, the more the popups pop through, but as you move the foreground application to the right, the popup moves to the right, but the width of where you can mouse over the foreground application to cause Service Studio to pop through gets less wide.

You probably wouldn't notice it if you keep Service Studio on its own separate monitor. I only use two monitors, so I notice all the time :)

Created on 4 Mar
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Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for your feedback, we are aware of this issue.
Can you please confirm which version you are using? Recently we have been doing several fixes to solve this problem.


It's 10.0.1007.0 - are some fixes going only towards the 11 branch? If so, that's fair.

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Out of the scope

Yes, the fixes were done in 11, so I believe it's fixed.
If you still notice this bug in 11, please let us know.
Either way, I will mark this idea as "out of scope" because this is considered in our maintenance backlog.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for reporting it.

Keep the ideas coming. 

Thank you, Sofia!