On a SeviceStudio upgrade, preserve or ask to preserve *.conf files

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When a new version of ServiceStudio is installed as an upgrade, all of the *.conf files are replaced.  There should be a on option to ask if you want the *.conf files be replaced or preserved.  The ServiceStudio.WS.bindings.conf file in particular is a sore spot as this file does not have proper values in it for any project that has large amount of data in its espace.

Created on 11 Mar
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Hey Erik,

What would be the problem of overriding/replacing this conf files? 


The problem with replacing the file is it overrides all the custom configuration changes that I previously was  required to make to get ServiceStudio to publish without a failure.

The configuration files are actually in the wrong windows folder as well.  Configuration files should not be in Program Files but in Program Data or a User based directory.  Depending on the client and their security, I might not even have access to change these configuration files after an upgrade.

Once you get burned by the configuration files being blindly overwritten a few times, you start to put off upgrading ServiceStudio because of the pain that it causes.

Thanks for the feedback Erik,

I'll forward this to the team responsible for the upgrade.

What version are you using?


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