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Hello everyone,

in the development of mobile applications, it's important to have a sense of the full aspect of our application. Since these new devices from Apple have different screens from the previous ones, I think it would be important to also have the preview for these models. Both for version 10 and for version 11.

Kind regards,

Nuno Miguel Verdasca

Created on 12 Mar
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Hello Nuno,

Could you clarify if the preview that you are mentioning is on Service Studio while developing your application, or is it the preview in devices while in runtime? If it's the last one you can check the following versions for O10 and O11 where the preview in runtime supports the new iPhone X (not the XS/XR).

O11 version: Release Sep.2018 CP1
O10 version: 
Release 9 CP1

Thank you for contributing with new ideas! :)

Hi Sara,

I am referring to the mode of visualization that I present in the image. This for the V10.

Kind regards,

Nuno Miguel Verdasca

Thank you for sharing. If you install the platform server version O10 Release 9 CP1  you will see the option for iPhone X.

Your idea will continue to be in our radar in order to support XS / XR preview as well. 

Best regards,

Sara Gonçalves