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Currently, Service Studio does not allow a table from an external database to use the tenancy isolation features, one idea is to be able to assign this attribute manually in the table properties and thus enable the "Is Multi-Tenant"

Created on 13 Mar
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Even if the external systems are multi-tenant aware/capable, that solution would mean that OutSystems was the one controlling how multi-tenancy should work for external systems: the OutSystems Tenant Identifier will most likely not be the same as the external system's Tenant Identifier if they are independent systems.

In what circumstances do you believe this feature would be useful? 

This will be useful when a developer uses the Personal Environment with a External Database, leaving all of the 2GB free space to metadata and store all application data in other Database, with tenancy isolation feature.

So it's more about using the platform to fully drive an external database, not so much as Systems Integration (where you are using an existing database other applications use and manage). I'm not sure how this is a business case that would make sense to explore for OutSystems, but I understand where you come from now.

Keep in mind that by using an external database  as your applications' database you will loose the flexibility of having the platform manage your database concepts: you will need to define all concepts as tables on your external database engine and then create an Extension to expose the tables as Entities in OutSystems.

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