Automatically create inputs/outputs on Get{Output}By{Input} actions

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When creating an action whose name follows the pattern Get{Output}By{Input}, Service Studio could automatically create an output named {Output} and an input named {Input}. Type inference based on the names of {Input} and {Output} should still apply.

This would be a great accelerator, and would also promote standard nomenclature in action names.

To avoid confusion, this automatic creation could be done only if the action has no inputs/outputs already.


GetDateOfBirthByUserId - this would create a DateOfBirth output of type Date, and a UserId input of type User Identifier.

GetTotalRevenueByCompanyId - this would create a TotalRevenue output of type Currency, and a CompanyId input of type Company Identifier.

GetCustomerById - this would be more complicated, because Id being the input would not yield a good type inference. But ideally this would create a Customer output of type Customer, and a CustomerId input of type Customer Identifier.

Created on 14 Mar
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This makes sense Leonardo and it indeed would be a very nice accelerator.

I like this idea.

Depends if you like that pattern.

I like the pattern

I like the pattern

Changed the status to
On our radar

Hey Leonardo,

Thanks for your idea!