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More often than not forum posts have been successfully answered but the original poster never bothered to mark the answer that helped solve their problem as the solution. A post marked as solution is very useful for others looking for ways to address the same problem.

A lot of people in the community can identify the correct answer, but cannot do it unless they are the Original Poster (OP) or a Moderator.

The idea would be anyone other than the OP could mark a post on an Unsolved topic as a "Possible Solution", subject to be reviewed by a moderator. If validated by a moderator, after a certain threshold of time, and if the OP still hasn't marked any post as the Solution, this possible solution would become the definite Solution (and credited to the person that answered it).

In order to gameify this/make it more enticing for people to mark (potential) solutions, some small amount of points could be awarded to the person that initially marked the possible solution too.

Created on 14 Mar 2019
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Hi Jorge,

I have submitted the following idea where I have described the same problem, but I like your suggested solution better!


The goal is to help the community in finding answers/solutions to their issues. This is a possibility to help in achieving just that! 

+1 from me.



Hi Nordin Ahdi,

Just checked your idea, and although it aims to address the same problem (a gap between answered posts and the ones "marked as solution"), they both follow two different approaches. Yours relies on original posters actively taking action (reacting to a reminder, which they might end up deciding it's spam), this one relies on the rest of the community taking action, and the system automatically making an informed decision (the process doesn't rely on the original poster to eventually conclude, just on moderation and automation).

I believe both approaches can coexist, although I'd be careful with flooding a person's mailbox with reminders to mark a question as solved.