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Hello everyone,

In the development of applications, both web and mobile, I always see the need to use the NewLine () function, and I have been faced with the need to use this function more than once consecutively, thus getting NewLine() + NewLine() , I had the following idea, and if the function accepted parameters with the amount of lines that I want the text to jump? For example NewLine (2) or NewLine (3)?

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NewLine() + NewLine() + NewLine() for NewLine(3)

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Murilo Antonio de Souza

Created on 14 Mar 2019
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Never thought of this. Interesting!

Can add value in some cases where frequent formatting is required. 



I really liked this idea.

Interesting! This could be quite useful! 

This sounds like you are formatting using NewLines instead of margins, padding, and other proper CSS?


Hello everyone,

Seeing as this is a rather simple function to build why not create the function yourself?


Don't forget OutSystems supports Multi-line Strings already, so if you're concatenating texts with '+' in an Expression, you can simply do:

"I am on line 1, and... " + "

" + "... I am at the bottom."