Show number and percentage of successful implementations of a Forge component

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Allow users that downloaded a Forge component to tag the component with "successfully implemented". This can then be used to display the number and percentage (successful / downloads) of users that actually got the component working on the Forge. This could be displayed next to the rating.

The success score could also be added to the filter. For example, show only components with a success score > 50%.

Optionally, allow a user that successfully implemented a component to indicate he/she can be contacted for help. These people could then be listed under the support tab of the component.

Created on 15 Mar 2019
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I have said this like 831 times now, but if people really want support on Forge component perhaps they should offer payment for a support contract. All Forge components are open source, and virtually all successful open source projects have a pay-for-premium features and a pay-for-support model to fund development and everyone is OK with that and gets it, I don't know why the OS ecosystem continues to think that they can get support for open source components for free and without offering anything in return.


I don't disagree with you, but I think that's an entirely different issue.

With or without paid support, I think it could be useful to have an additional indication of the quality of a Forge component and a success score could be helpful for that.

No, it's actually the same issue.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you look at the actual activity of people in this Community, there is a very small group of people who actually put forth the effort to make Forge components. Instead of acting grateful to those people, thanking them for their efforts, and throwing a few dollars their way as thanks, you prefer to ask for a system to evaluate how good someone is at giving you a free service. Let that sink in for a moment.

All forge components are open source. If you want the quality of support for Forge components to go up, there is nothing stopping you from helping to support them yourself, instead of looking for a way to shame the people who do not respond to YOUR needs in what you consider to be an acceptable manner or speed.


In my experience, it is always a small group that puts effort in a community in one way or another. Creating Forge components is one way, but there are others. I hope you don't misunderstand me, I am grateful for people that publish components in the Forge, if these are quality components that actually work. I personally have not published any component in the Forge because a potential component I created did not meet my quality standards. I do not want to publish something that has issues, because I think that would actually be a disservice to the community.

Since it is very difficult to judge the quality of Forge components, any measure that could help with that would be a benefit to the community in my opinion. That has nothing to do with not appreciating people that contribute for free.

There are already ratings up there for people to show whether or not they like the component. If you want to know how well the component creator does at responding to things... just click the "Support" tab and look at the posts there and evaluate for yourself if the posts are dealing with things that should be simple, or how well the people running the component respond.

As someone with 27 components in the Forge, some of which are pretty vital to the OutSystems ecosystem, hearing someone with 0 components, 6 posts (all of which are requests for support... but only half of which had the right answer marked as "Solution"... I took care of that for you too last night on *my* personal time to reward the people who put forth the effort to help you out) say "I want to make it easier to critique the quality of the free support people give me on their PERSONAL TIME"... that is disrespectful.


Hope you feel better now that you got that off your chest.

Peace and happiness! :-)