Bulk delete aggregate results / bulk delete entity action


It would be handy to have the ability delete all the results of an Aggregate and also to have a Bulk Delete action for an entity.

Created on 15 Mar
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There two hacks in ServiceStudio to accomplish something similar.

1. Delete all rows from Table

  • Select the Entity in the Data tab (EntityName
  • Copy the entity from the context menu.
  • Paste the entity from the context menu (create EntityName2)
  • Delete the EntityName.
  • Rename EntityName2 to Entity Name

Note this method also resets the EntityName identifier back to 1.

2.  SQL Aggregate

  • In non SQL Aggregate, copy the generated SQL statement.
  • Create a new SQL aggregate and past the the copied SQL Statement.
  • Surround the SQL statement in a commit transaction (SQL Server and Oracle differ in syntax)
  • Click the Test button

Note this method preserves the last used EntityName identifier.

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The first hack doesn't work as it messes with the foreign keys (unless you don't have relationships between entities that is).

I'm not sure about your second hack as I wouldn't know where to copy the generated SQL from, however I just added my own SQL to the effect of:

DELETE from {MyEntity} WHERE {MyEntity}.[MyAttribute] = @MyAttributeVariable;

However it would be better if there was a quick and simple way to clear an entity of all data, particularly handy if your data model changes and indexing edits conflicts with existing data.

Also the ability to pass a parameter (filter) for the data to be deleted would be really handy, as well as a basic delete all.

Erik -

That's really not what was asked for, original poster is just looking for something that accepts a record list that has IDs in it and deletes them, rather than calling DeleteXYZ within a ForEach on the record list.