BPT Template Support and/or BPT Independence from Application/Entity


Support for creating a generic BPT workflow that accepts parameters and/pr placeholders.  The generic BPT template could then be used a component in Process.

A simple form submission BPT process that has a submission with a review has to be recreated (see BPT training video) for each application that has a desire to review a submitted entity form with an approved/rejected outcome.

Its possible to make a BPT module currently to do some this (common Review entity, common ReviewStatus, Assign Reviewers, espace_id, entity_AttrId, etc).  However it pretty much falls down when you want to add emails into the BPT since there is no easy what to push all the email attributes to each email component in BPT workflow without creating yet another application to enter these values and then backfill them to at Runtime.

Most workflow engines are all based on a template/abstract class.  The actual workflow (a class that implements the template contract) is defined in the application by filling in the required template fields.  The Processes (instances of the class that implements template contract) are defined at runtime by initiating the workflow with runtime parameters.

It would be nice to right click an entity and select a desired BPT  template to use against it.

Created on 16 Mar
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